猫狗 Catdog》是世界著名的有线儿童频道——尼克国际儿童频道Nickelodeon)的优秀原创卡通片,风靡全美。这个动物一边是猫一边是狗(如图),被称作“猫狗”。



E01-E02 – Dog Gone and All You Can’t Eat
E03-E04 – Flea or Die and CatDog Food
E05-E06 – The Island and All You Need is Lube
E07-E08 – Shriek Loves Dog and WorkForce
E09-E10 – Diamond Fever and The Pet
E11-E12 – Party Animal and Mush, Dog, Mush
E13-E14 – Armed and Dangerous and Fistful of Mail
E15-E16 – Pumped and Dummy Dummy
E17-E18 – Squirrel Dog and Brother’s Day
E19-E20 – Escape From the Deep End and The Collector
E21-E22 – Full Moon Fever and War of the CatDog
E23-E24 – CatDog’s End and Siege On Fort CatDog
E25-E26 – Safety Dog and Dog Come Home
E27-E28 – Nightmare and CatDogPig
E29-E30 – New Neighbors and Dead Weight
E31-E32 – Neferkitty and Curiousity Almost Killed The Cat
E33-E34 – Home is Where the Dirt is and New Leash on Life
E35-E36 – Just Say CatDog Sent Ya and Dog’s Strange Condition
E37-E38 – Smarter than the Average Dog and CatDog Doesn’t Live Here Anymore
E39-E40 – All About Cat and Trespassing

E01-E03 – Send in the CatDog and Fishing For Trouble and Fetch
E04-E05 – The Lady is a Shriek and Dog the Mighty
E06-E07 – Hail the Great Meow Woof and Battle of the Bands
E08-E10 – Adventures in Greaser Sitting and The Cat Club and Cat Diggety Dog
E11-E12 – Climb Every CatDog and Canine Mutiny
E13-E14 – Fred the Flying Fish and CatDog Divided
E15-E17 – The Unnatural and Dog Ate it and Dopes on Slopes
E18-E19 – Spaced Out and Nine Lives
E20-E22 – Dem Bones and Winslow’s Home Videos and You’re Fired
E23-E24 – Showdown at Hole 18 and Sneezie Dog
E25-E26 – It’s a Wonderful Half Life and Shepherd Dog
E27-E28 – Surfin’ CatDog and Guess Who’s Going to be Dinner
E29-E30 – Dog Power and It’s a Jungle in Here
E31-E32 – The House of CatDog and CatDog Campers
E33-E34 – Let the Games Begin and Winslow Falls in Love
E35-E36 – Extra Extra and CatDog Squared
E37 – A Very CatDog Christmas
E38-E39 – Royal Dog and Springtime For CatDog
E40-E41 – A Dog Ate My Homework and The End
E42-E43 – Cliff’s Little Secret and Freak Show

E01-E02 – Sumo Enchanted Evening and Hotel CatDog
E03-E04 – Rodeo CatDog and Teeth For Two
E05-E06 – Sweet and Lola and Rich Shriek, Poor Shriek
E07 – CatDogula
E08-E09 – Remain Seated and CatDog Catcher
E10 – Talking Turkey
E11-E12 – Shriek on Ice and No Thanks for the Memories
E13-E14 – CatDog 3001 and Cloud Bursting
E15-E16 – Fire Dog and Dog Show
E17-E18 – The Geekers and The Golden Hydrant
E19-E20 – Lube in Love and Picture This
E21-E22 – Stunt CatDog and Greasers in the Mist
E23-E24 – Doo Wop Diggety and CatDogumentary
E25-E26 – Kooky Prank Day and Back To School
E27-E28 – Monster Truck Folly and CatDog’s Gold
E29-E30 – Silents Please and Gorilla My Dreams
E31-E32 – Seeing Eye Dog and Beware of Cliff
E33-E34 – Rinky Dinks and Hypno-Teased
E35-E36 – CatDog Candy and Movin’ On Up
E37-E38 – New Cat in Town and CatDog’s Booty

E01-E02 – Harraslin’ Match and Dog The Not So Mighty
E03-E04 – Mean Bob, We Hardly Knew Ya and CatDog In Winslow Land
E05-E06 – Cat Gone Bad and Old CatDog And The Sea
E07-E08 – Cone Dog and The Ballad Of Ol’ 159
E09-E10 – Vexed Of Kin and Meat, Dog’s Friends


动画集数:第1-4季 131集
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