《Little Angel》-Nursery Rhymes and Kids Videos小天使英语儿歌之经典儿歌童谣,总计283集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!插图


Say hello to the Little Angel family and friends! You’ll come across these friendly faces very often in our videos, and we hope you love them like we do! Baby John’s our favourite little baby who loves his brother Jack, sister Jill, Mom, Dad and Bingo, the bouncy family dog.

001.5 Little Baby Ducks at the Waterpark.mp4
002.5 Little Princesses +More.mp4
003.10 Little Babies on the Slide.mp4
004.10 Little Elephants.mp4
005.10 Little Fishies Song + More.mp4
006.10 Little Fishies Song.mp4
007.“I Want To Be Big” Song .mp4
008.Accidents Happen Everyday! .mp4
009.Ambulance Rescue Team.mp4
010.Animal Sounds Game + More.mp4
011.Are We There Yet Going to the Toy Store.mp4
012.Are You Sleeping, Brother John +More.mp4
013.Arts And Crafts With Baby John.mp4
014.Astronaut, Fireman, Doctor.mp4
015.Baa Baa Black Sheep 2.mp4
016.Baa Baa Black Sheep, Have You Any Wool.mp4
017.Baa Baa Black Sheep.mp4
018.Baby’s First Words – Mom or Dad.mp4
019.Baby’s Snack Time!.mp4
020.Baby’s First Egg Hunt Song.mp4
021.Baby’s First Magic Show.mp4
022.Baby Bath Time Song.mp4
023.Baby Bath Time with Brother and Sister.mp4
024.Baby Brush Your Teeth.mp4
025.Baby Dino Dino Party.mp4
026.Baby Doctor Check Up.mp4
027.Baby Doctor Checkup Song .mp4
028.Baby Goes to the Toy Store.mp4
029.Baby Goes to the Waterpark.mp4
030.Baby Got Sick Sick Song +More.mp4
031.Baby Got Sick Sick Song.mp4
032.Baby Has A Boo Boo +More.mp4
033.Baby is Sick Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Song .mp4
034.Baby John’s Chicken Dance.mp4
035.Baby John’s First Day at School.mp4
036.Baby John’s First Haircut.mp4
037.Baby John’s Got A Toothache!.mp4
038.Baby John And The Rescue Squad .mp4
039.Baby John And The Rescue Squad Song + More.mp4
040.Baby John Explores The Ocean + More.mp4
041.Baby John Gets a Boo Boo.mp4
042.Baby John Goes Swimming .mp4
043.Baby John Learns Trick or Treat.mp4
044.Baby John Plays with Jill’s Toys .mp4
045.Baby Monkey, Please Be Nice! .mp4
046.Baby Shark Dance, Doo Doo!.mp4
047.Baby Shark Dance.mp4
048.Baby Shark Dance.mp4
049.Babysitter Is The Best + More .mp4
050.Babysitter Is The Best Song + More.mp4
051.Baby Swimming at the Beach.mp4
052.Baby Visits Doctor Teddy.mp4
053.Balloon Car Race Song.mp4
054.Bath Song & Baby Shark Compilation +More.mp4
055.Bath Song + More.mp4
056.Bath Song.mp4
057.Bath Time Song.mp4
058.Bath Time Song with Baby John.mp4
059.Beach Day Adventure Song .mp4
060.Beach Song.mp4
061.Beauty Salon Song Mommy Is My Hero + More.mp4
062.Be Brave Baby John! .mp4
063.Bedtime Song .mp4
064.Be Safe at the Playground.mp4
065.Bingo’s Visit To The Vet.mp4
066.Bingo is Sick .mp4
067.Boo Boo In The Snow Play Safe Song & More.mp4
068.Boo Boo Song 2 +More.mp4
069.Boo Boo Song + more.mp4
070.Brush Your Teeth Baby John.mp4
071.Bubbly Tummy Song .mp4
072.Bugs, Bugs, Go Away Bugs! + More .mp4
073.Bugs Song .mp4
074.Camping Song Baby John Sing Along + More.mp4
075.Camping Song .mp4
076.Car Wash Song with Baby John .mp4
077.Choo Choo Train Song .mp4
078.Christmas Is The Best!.mp4
079.Christmas Songs + More.mp4
080.Clean Up and Put Your Toys Away, Baby +More.mp4
081.Clean Up Song Dirty Stinky Laundry .mp4
082.Clean Up The Trash Song .mp4
083.Cleanup Time Good Habits .mp4
084.Color Mixing Magic + More.mp4
085.Color Mixing Magic.mp4
086.Color Train Song.mp4
087.Community Helpers .mp4
088.Construction Workers Song .mp4
089.Daddy’s Little Helper + More.mp4
090.Daddy, Mommy, Yes Kids Johnny Johnny Parents Version.mp4
091.Dangers At Daycare + More.mp4
092.Deck The Halls Christmas Song.mp4
093.Doctor Checkup Song.mp4
094.Don’t Be Afraid Of Monsters! .mp4
095.Don’t Be Afraid of the Dentist Baby John.mp4
096.Don’t Open the Door to Strangers +More.mp4
097.Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream.mp4
098.Dr Baby John Check-Up.mp4
099.Eye Doctor Checkup.mp4
100.Family Baby Photos .mp4
101.Family Fun Day Down by the Bay.mp4
102.Feeling Happy Or Sad.mp4
103.Finger Family +More.mp4
104.Finger Family At The Park.mp4
105.Finger Family Baby Learns Colors.mp4
106.Finger Family Song, Colors Edition .mp4
107.Firefighter and Fire Truck to the Rescue!.mp4
108.Fire Safety With Baby John + More.mp4
109.Fire Safety With Baby John.mp4
110.Five Little Princesses.mp4
111.Flavour Song With Baby John + More.mp4
112.Fruits And Vegetables At The Supermarket.mp4
113.Fruits and Veggies Make Us Healthy+More.mp4
114.Fun at the Waterpark Playground Song.mp4
115.Fun Day at the Aquarium Aquarium Song.mp4
116.Fun Day at the Beach Sea Animal Song .mp4
117.Garbage Truck Helps Us Clean Up Trash.mp4
118.Getting Ready For School + More.mp4
119.Getting Ready For School Morning Routine Song .mp4
120.Going To The Doctor More.mp4
121.Grandma and Grandpa Brought Us Presents .mp4
122.Green Light Go! Red Light Stop! + More.mp4
123.Green Light Go! Red Light Stop! .mp4
124.Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes Johny Johny Yes Papa +More.mp4
125.Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.mp4
126.Helping Daddy Build A Treehouse.mp4
127.Hide and Seek at the Playground Peek a Boo.mp4
128.Honesty Song Always Tell The Truth .mp4
129.Hot And Cold Opposites Song + More.mp4
130.Hot Cross Buns In the Oven, Yummy!.mp4
131.I’m So Itchy Baby John Songs.mp4
132.I’ve got a Boo Boo Boo Boo Song 2.mp4
133.Ice Cream And Candy At The Mall.mp4
134.Ice Cream Song.mp4
135.If You Are Happy Feelings Song.mp4
136.I Love My Babysitter! .mp4
137.It’s Exercise Time! Let’s Move, Move, Move .mp4
138.It’s Bath Time Baby John! Bath Song .mp4
139.Itsy Bitsy is Lost! + More .mp4
140.Itsy Bitsy Spider +More.mp4
141.Itsy Bitsy Spider Needs Baby’s Help.mp4
142.Itsy Bitsy Spider Needs to Get Home! .mp4
143.Itsy Bitsy Spider Song.mp4
144.I Want To Be A Fireman Family Rescue Team .mp4
145.I Want To Be Like My Big Brother .mp4
146.Jingle Bells Christmas Song for Kids +More.mp4
147.Johny Johny Yes Papa (Baby Version).mp4
148.Johny Johny Yes Papa Song (Baby Version) +More.mp4
149.Johny Johny Yes Papa Song (Baby Version).mp4
150.Juice Song Learn Colors .mp4
151.Learning At School & Playground Little Teapot Song.mp4
152.Learning How To Swim! + More .mp4
153.Learning the Numbers .mp4
154.Learning To Swim Swimming Song .mp4
155.Let’s Get You Cleaned Up Baby John! .mp4
156.Let’s Go to the Jungle Park .mp4
157.Let’s Go To The Zoo Zoo Song.mp4
158.Let’s Make Some Lemonade.mp4
159.Let’s Tidy Up! Clean Up Song.mp4
160.Let’s Be Clean Baby John! Bath Song .mp4
161.Let’s do the Animal Dance.mp4
162.Little Red Riding Hood.mp4
163.Mommy, Mommy, Yes Yes Kids.mp4
164.Mommy, Mommy I Love You .mp4
165.Mommy gives Baby John a Bath.mp4
166.Mommy Helps Me Learn My ABC.mp4
167.Mommy Is My Hero .mp4
168.Mommy is Sick Boo Boo Song.mp4
169.Monsters Everywhere Halloween Song + More .mp4
170.My Beauty Salon + More.mp4
171.My Beauty Salon.mp4
172.My New Little Pet.mp4
173.No, No Bingo! Be Good! .mp4
174.No, No Bingo! This is the Way.mp4
175.No More Jumping On The Bed!.mp4
176.No More Snacks.mp4
177.No More Tricks Jack + More.mp4
178.No No, Baby Rides the Scooter! No No Song +More.mp4
179.No No, Baby Wants The Big Boy Brush.mp4
180.No No I Don’t Want A Bath.mp4
181.No No It’s My Turn!.mp4
182.No No Swimming Song +More.mp4
183.No No Swimming Song .mp4
184.Oh I’m a Big Boy .mp4
185.Oh No! Baby John Got Hiccups! .mp4
186.Oh No, My Tooth is Loose!.mp4
187.Old MacDonald Had a Farm.mp4
188.Oopsies, I made a mess .mp4
189.Ouch, I Got A Boo Boo!.mp4
190.Ouch, We Go Boom Boom!.mp4
191.Piggy Bank Song .mp4
192.Play Nice at The Playground + More.mp4
193.Play Nice At The Playground.mp4
194.Play Safe At The Playground + More.mp4
195.Play Safe At The Playground .mp4
196.Playtime At School .mp4
197.Playtime At the Beach & Swimming Song.mp4
198.Playtime at the Playground Playground Song +More.mp4
199.Playtime At The Theme Park + More.mp4
200.Playtime at the Waterpark.mp4
201.Playtime with Brother and Sister.mp4
202.Playtime with Building Blocks.mp4
203.Playtime with Friends.mp4
204.Playtime with New School Friends.mp4
205.Please and Thank You Song (Good Manners).mp4
206.Please And Thank You Song .mp4
207.Policeman Keeps Us Safe.mp4
208.Princess For A Day.mp4
209.Quiet And Loud Animals.mp4
210.Quiet Time With Baby John + More.mp4
211.Quiet Time With Baby John .mp4
212.Rides at the Theme Park .mp4
213.Roller Coasters And Balloons At The Theme Park.mp4
214.Safety At The Mall Good Habits .mp4
215.Safety At The Mall With Baby John + More.mp4
216.Scary Halloween Monsters .mp4
217.Scary Monsters, Happy Halloween! + More.mp4
218.School Is So Much Fun! .mp4
219.Shapes and Colors + More.mp4
220.Sharing Is Caring + More.mp4
221.Sharing is Caring.mp4
222.Sounds Animals Make.mp4
223.Stinky Skunk Song.mp4
224.Stop Baby Monkey Good Manners Song + More.mp4
225.Swimming for the First Time.mp4
226.Swimming Song.mp4
227.Swimming Song.mp4
228.Taking Care Of Baby Brother + More.mp4
229.The Balloon Song.mp4
230.The Floor Is Lava + More.mp4
231.This is the Way I Become a Princess.mp4
232.This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth.mp4
233.This is the Way We Get Ready for Playtime.mp4
234.This is the Way We Trick or Treat.mp4
235.This is the Way We Trick or Treat this Halloween.mp4
236.Three Little Pigs + More.mp4
237.Three Little Pigs.mp4
238.Time To Clean Up Good Habits + More.mp4
239.Time to Go Swimming! .mp4
240.Toy Car Race Song.mp4
241.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.mp4
242.Wait Your Turn Baby John.mp4
243.Walking In The Forest.mp4
244.Wash your Hands!.mp4
245.Wash your Hands, Don’t Get Sick! + More.mp4
246.Watch Out For Danger!.mp4
247.Watch Out For Dangers At Daycare + More.mp4
248.We Are Baby Dinosaurs!.mp4
249.We Are Construction Workers + More.mp4
250.We Are Doing The Animal Dance.mp4
251.We are Pirates, AARRR!!! .mp4
252.Wear your Seat belt on the Airplane.mp4
253.Welcome Home, Baby Brother!.mp4
254.We Like To Jump, Jump, Jump! Play Safe Song + More .mp4
255.What’s In The Box.mp4
256.What’s Under My Bed Bed Time Songs with Jack.mp4
257.What’s In The Box Mystery Game Sing-Along + More.mp4
258.What’s Wrong Baby John.mp4
259.What’s Your Favorite Color Yummy Juice Song + More.mp4
260.Wheels On the Bus – Baby Takes the Wheel.mp4
261.Wheels On The Bus + More .mp4
262.Wheels on the Bus at School.mp4
263.Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round.mp4
264.Wheels on the Bus Rollercoaster Ride.mp4
265.Where’s Baby John’s Suzie.mp4
266.Where Did Teddy Go + More.mp4
267.Where is My Teddy Bear.mp4
268.Who’s Gonna Win Family Games Competition + More.mp4
269.Winter Song Fun in the Snow!.mp4
270.Wobbly Tooth Song + More.mp4
271.Yes, Yes It’s Time For Bed.mp4
272.Yes Yes, Go Potty! .mp4
273.Yes Yes Bedtime Song .mp4
274.Yes Yes Playground Song.mp4
275.Yes Yes Play Nice At The Playground.mp4
276.Yes Yes Vegetables.mp4
277.You Can Do It Baby John + More.mp4
278.Yuck! Broccoli Ice Cream! + More .mp4
279.Yum, Yum, Cookies and Vegetables .mp4
280.Yum Yum, Baby Loves Spaghetti .mp4
281.Yum Yum, Cupcakes!.mp4
282.Yum Yum Breakfast.mp4
283.Yum Yum Spaghetti.mp4


《Little Angel》-Nursery Rhymes and Kids Videos小天使英语儿歌之经典儿歌童谣,总计283集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!插图1
《Little Angel》-Nursery Rhymes and Kids Videos小天使英语儿歌之经典儿歌童谣,总计283集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!插图2



《Little Angel》-Nursery Rhymes and Kids Videos小天使英语儿歌之经典儿歌童谣,总计283集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!-可玩星球
《Little Angel》-Nursery Rhymes and Kids Videos小天使英语儿歌之经典儿歌童谣,总计283集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!