《Hero Elementary》英雄小学英文版,第1季,全40集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!插图


以 STEM类儿童动画擅长的PBS将推出新作《Hero Elementary》,该动画意在激发孩子们对科学探索的热爱。
《Hero Elementary》中的科学课程涵盖儿童学习所需的关键能力:提出问题,验证想法,预测问题,观察事物, 而这些能力对孩子的语言发展和批判性思维培养都非常有帮助。
《Hero Elementary》 将在2020年6月1日PBS电视频道和PBS网络频道首映。
“HERO ELEMENTARY centers around a team of super students called Sparks’ Crew. Led by their quirky and enthusiastic teacher, Mr. Sparks, these pint size heroes work together to help people, solve problems, and try to make the world a better place. When their imperfect powers aren’t up to the task, they look to their other powers – the Superpowers of Science – to help them investigate, observe, make predictions, and figure out a solution to save the day!”

1 Hatching A Plan-The Invisible Force
2 Saved From The Bell-The Right Stuff
3 Tail Of One Kitty-Movie Theater Meltdown
4 The Lake Mistake-Plant Problem
5 Wheres Fur Blur-The Blob
6 Toadal Confusion-Hero Hideaway
7 Over The Map-Lights Go Down In City Town
8 Fair Weather-Home Sweet Home
9 The Feed For Speed-An Uphill Task
10 With A Little Push-Track That Pack
11 The Butterfly Chasers-Something Shady
12 Turtle Beach-Shine A Light On Me
13 Sound Of Ice Cream-The Reflection Connection
14 Sparks Unplugged-Camp Catastrophe
15 Monster Hunters-A Soapy Situation
16 Bugging Out-Eager Beavers
17 A Leg Up-Sneezitis Solution
18 What You Dont See-Super Purple Pop Up Plants
19 Dog In The Fog-Bye Bye Dragonfly
20 Rough Sledding-Hungry Hungry Hoppers
21 Hero Hit Parade-Trouble At The Pet Wash
22 Bouncing Ideas-Leaning Tower No Pizza
23 Kite Delight-Little Lost Horse
24 The Crew Who Snows What To Do-Keep Your Eye On The Ball
25 Going To Pieces-Forces Of Nature
26 Knot So Fast-Made In The Shade
27 Snowy Journey-Super Summertime
28 Search And Rescue-Secret Lives Of Teachers
29 Hail Caesar-Picture Perfect
30 Monumental Problem-Super Lift
31 Looking Super-Schmubble Trouble
32 Sara Loses Her Snap-A Soupie Mystery
33 AJs Extra Superpower
34 Squeak To Me-Teams Song Theme Song
35 First Day Of School
36 Back On Track-Switcheroo Er
37 Friends Of The Forest-Chicken Hero
38 Heroes In Space
39 When Fur Flies-Pumpkin Palooza
40 Teacher Of The Year-The Sweet Smell Of Success



《Hero Elementary》英雄小学英文版,第1季,全40集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!-可玩星球
《Hero Elementary》英雄小学英文版,第1季,全40集,1080P高清视频带英文字幕,百度网盘下载!